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Notable debates

EEC membership, Dáil 1972

“Surely it is self-evident that if we were to remain outside the Community we would be conferring on the Border the status of a frontier, both economic and political, between ourselves and the rest of Europe.”

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Notable debates

Civil War executions, Dáil 1922

“This morning four men have been executed, presumably under the authorisation that the Dáil gave to the Military Courts some time ago.”

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Notable debates

Neutrality, Dáil 1940

"We are a small people, but if we are true to ourselves, and courageously defend our rights, with God's help we shall survive the present dangers as we and our fathers survived no less grievous ones in the past."

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Notable debates

Bunreacht na hÉireann, Dáil 1937

"Let us consider this whole question of women's rights. I seem to have got a bad reputation. I do not think I deserve it."