The results of the most recent elections and by-elections are available here, including full details of vote transfers. All information is compiled from public notices and supplementary information supplied by returning officers. You can also find information about how elections are run.

32nd Dáil elections

Thursday, 28 Apr 2016

Infographic of Dáil Election Results 2016

Thursday, 28 Apr 2016

32nd Dáil General Election Results

Thursday, 28 Apr 2016

General Election 2016 Count Details Schema (csv)

25th Seanad elections

Wednesday, 16 Mar 2016

Register of Nominating Bodies (2016)

Tuesday, 15 Mar 2016

Seanad General Election 2016 - Candidates Nominated by Nominating Bodies

Tuesday, 09 Feb 2016

Seanad Panel Members General Election Order 2016

Seanad Éireann nominating bodies and electorate

These documents list the bodies and people entitled to nominate and elect candidates for the vocational panels in a Seanad election.

Voting in Ireland

The Dáil must be dissolved and a general election held at least every five years. A Seanad election takes place up to 90 days after Dáil Éireann has dissolved. Find out how the Irish people choose the Members of the Oireachtas.

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