If you’re a student or teacher of junior cert civic, social and political education, CSPE, or just want to learn more about our parliamentary and political system, this video series is for you. Scroll down to get activities you can use in the classroom.

democracy 1

What is democracy?

Learn about the meaning of democracy and the need for rules.

democracy 2

How democracy works in Ireland and our Constitution

Learn about the articles in the Constitution and how living in a democracy gives you certain rights which are protected under the Constitution.


Your vote

Learn about voting and why it is important in a democracy.

who can vote and types of elections

Who can vote and types of elections

Learn about the different types of elections and see the difference between elections and referendums.

the need for rules and laws

The need for rules and laws

Learn about the need for rules and laws and think about what life would be like without rules and laws.

how laws are made

How laws are made

Learn how Bills go through different Stages in the Houses of the Oireachtas before being signed into law.

how the oireachtas works

How the Houses of the Oireachtas work

See what makes up the Houses of the Oireachtas and learn about Dáil Éireann, the Taoiseach and the Government.

seanad eireann ga

Seanad Éireann

Learn about Seanad Éireann and how it differs from the Dáil.

the committe system3

The committee system

Committees are an important part of the work of the Parliament and this lesson explains how they can monitor what goes on inside the Houses.

the role of the media

The role of the media

This lesson lets you know how to access Oireachtas news. It also considers the ways the role of the media keeps you informed about the Houses of the Oireachtas.

Class activities

Download our suggestions for class activities related to the videos and get step by step instructions on how to hold a mock election in class.