Want to learn more about how our Parliament works and its history and buildings? Discover the origins of the Oireachtas, what it does and how Members are elected. You can also explore the buildings and find out how to arrange a visit to the Oireachtas.

Teachers and students

Learning or teaching about Ireland’s Parliament? Our educational videos and lesson plans can help you get started.

Visit the Oireachtas

Leinster House is open to visitors Monday to Friday by guided tour only. It’s a fascinating glimpse of the day to day work of the Parliament as well as a chance to look around a beautiful, historic building. Here’s how to arrange your visit.

How Parliament works

The Oireachtas is the only body that has the power to make laws for Ireland. Find out how the Oireachtas makes these laws, what else it does, how its Members are elected and the rules it has to keep.

History and buildings

Discover the history of Parliament in Ireland, from its very beginnings. Find out about the buildings and the collection of historical documents. Get the latest updates on the restoration of Georgian Leinster House.


Do you know your Order Papers from your Standing Orders? Decode parliamentary jargon with our A to Z guide.